» By JE’NELLE ADAMS – jenelleadams@jamescorlew.com

Since the beginning of the semester, I have observed an occurrence which I have never noticed on your campus before.

For three days I have witnessed a large crowd of smokers on the sidewalk and brick wall in front of the university.

I am guessing APSU has followed along with many other universities by going tobacco free.

First of all, I don’t have a problem with smoking or with being a tobacco free campus. Either is fine with me.

However, I am not happy to report that to the eye of those driving down University Avenue, it looks like APSU is now a smokers’ campus.

From my vantage point, the university’s attempt to “clean up the smoking on campus” has backfired and now makes APSU look like the biggest smoking campus I have ever seen.

Unfortunately, I am not the only person who has made this observation.

The saddest thing is when someone comes to our beautiful city, they will drive by our wonderful campus and think, “What a trashy campus.”
Can we say a big fat oops? TAS

» By SANDRA MCNEILLY – smcneilly@my.apsu.edu

The smoking policy? I’m not a fan. For starters, I would like to point out the little fenced area with concrete table outside Clement; I’ve never seen anyone sitting there other than to toss something in the trash. Why could it not be a smoking area?

There are plenty of outside places. Smokers have to hike half the campus, which is not possible between most of our classes,

If I suffered from low self esteem and needed “outside reinforcement,” this grandmother of two would have to say thank you for making me stand on College Street to get whistled and honked at while smoking.

I can only imagine the “fun” the young female smokers “enjoy” during their smoke breaks. TAS