Hello everyone, my name is Courtney Gaither, I’m the features editor for The All State’s print publication and senior broadcast major. I’ll be taking over The Good the Bad the Netflix blog. I’m so very happy to give you all my opinion on Netflix movies and series. Movies are truly my passion so please enjoy.

If you’re looking for a laugh and you think you have the entire comedy genre covered on Netflix, look again. Adam Sandler, one of America’s favorite comedians, hit Netflix with another movie that is truly mastered to his style and his style alone.

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The Ridiculous Six hit Netflix on December 11, 2015 and has so far received mix reviews from both critics and viewers. Staying true to Sandler’s style, the movie features his famous all-star cast and close friends Rob Schnider, Terry Crews, Steve Zahn, Jon Lovitz and many others.

The movie follows Sandler and his five brothers – hence the name, The Ridiculous Six – on a journey through the wild west to help their father from an evil out-law played by Danny Trejo. The events and obstacles that occur on their journey and the chemistry of the cast are what ultimately makes the movie so funny.


The downside to this film is how poorly written it is. Sandler has been trying very hard for quite some time to produce films that are just as funny as what he did in the past, but I’m not so sure he’s as lucky as he once was. The film seems to jump from random topic to random topic; albeit hilarious, if it had centralized on one main goal it would be a lot easier to sit through.

However, if you’re into raunchy comedies that make little sense, this movie is for you; if you also enjoyed A Million Ways To Die In The West, this is movie is most definitely for you. I would say give it a watch because at least you’ll get a good laugh, and make sure you watch it with someone to make the movie that more enjoyable.

If you aren’t into raunchy comedy but still like good laugh there is a second movie that stars Adam Sandler, The Cobbler, that is sure to be more refreshing than The Ridiculous Six.


Released on March 13, 2014, this Sandler movie has been out for over a year. The movie follows the life of Sandler’s character, whose family have been in the cobbler business for four generations. One day, Sandler finds a magical shoe repair machine. The events that follow escalate one right after the other in a most hilarious sequence.

The great part about this movie is that even though the storyline could be improved, the plot-twist at the end is one you’ll never forget. Unlike The Ridiculous Six, this movie has a much calmer sense of comedy and is enjoyable for everyone watching.

So, if you’re getting into a grinchy holiday spirit, turn to Netflix and watch both of these movies. I guarantee a laugh from one if not both.