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College Republicans respond to Veteran’s Dinner letter to the editor

» Letter to the Editor by Jacob Winters

We, the APSU College Republicans, would like to respectfully set some things straight concerning comments made against our Benefits Dinner proceeds in The All State.
Firstly, we as an organization have actually tried to make contact with both the Wounded Warrior Project and Operation Once in a Lifetime. With that in mind, we have found there is no local chapter of the Wounded Warriors Project in Clarksville.

Also, when we tried to contact Operation Once in a Lifetime, we received no response from their organization.
Lastly, the VFW is an IRC 501 (c) organization; this means they are a non-profit organization. While they may earn revenue from barbeques, luncheons or dinners, these proceeds often go towards food for the needy, help for public servants, toys for needy children and overall general goodwill throughout the community. We thank you for your time and appreciate your reading. TAS

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  1. I find it interesting that you felt the need to defend your causes. I am going to respond to your post in the paper not for the need to defend but to further point out some things. Had you all actually contaced the Wounded Warrior Project, you would have known that they have programs that they sponser on Ft. Campbell. My friend was wounded by an IED & they helped build onto his house to accomodate his needs here in Clarksville. Operation Once In a Lifetime contaced me within 24 hours when I e-mailed them asking for information on how to make a donation of proceeds to them. Did you contact the Student Veterans Organization & ask them for help or possible ideas on what organizations would benefit the most from the proceeds in the Clarksville area? How about contacting the Lazarus Project? They are a non-profit organization started right here at Austin Peay. Just saying.