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Doom Metal, Comedy Rap and Werewolf Pizza Party Squeek-Punk

So, Bandcamp is a thing. A pretty big thing, too. It’s a website where budding artists and veterans alike can go to share their creations for a price the artist decides, like this seven second track that you can purchase for the low price of 1,000 USD. But it’s a completely ...

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Weezer, Flying Lotus, Run the Jewels and Lil Wayne

Disclaimer: This month is heavily populated with rap releases. Rappers like naughty words. Avoid playing the videos and songs linked later on if you don’t like naughty words.   October is going to be amazing, specifically if you are a hip-hop head. Acclaimed hip-hop producers Flying Lotus and Black Milk ...

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On Juicy J and How to Turn up

DISCLAIMER: Juicy J is a rapper. As rappers usually do, Mr. J enjoys using the four-letter words you probably wouldn’t say in front of your mother. If you think you might be offended by these words, then you probably shouldn’t play the songs linked later on.   The drugged-out and all ...

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Should you be buying physical copies of music?

So vinyl’s making a comeback. It’s cool to have your Wiz Khalifa and System of a Down on the same material that your grandmother would have listened to the Gaither Vocal Band on. But is there any actual merit to owning vinyl, or even cassettes and CDs, other than their ...

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A Brief Look at Radiohead

In a recent interview, English alternative band Radiohead’s lead guitarist Jonny Greenwood had some interesting things to say, specifically that the critically-acclaimed and internationally-lauded band would be getting back together to record new material as a follow-up to 2011’s project “The King of Limbs.” Personally, I had never listened to Radiohead ...

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