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Let’s talk about K-Pop

The Koreas are weird places. From having an undying love for a tyrannical leader who at one point they believed to be immortal, to commonly eating chicken feet and boiled silk worms, the Koreas are a vastly different culture than that of the good ol’ US of A. #Patriotism. But ...

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You wouldn’t download a car

The ways we listen to music in this day and age vary greatly. From Spotify and Pandora to the infamous file-sharing websites, there’s no shortage of ways to procure the new Taylor Swift record. But just last week, the country artist turned pop star pulled her most recent album and past work ...

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Sweet, Sweet November

Today is the first Tuesday of the month, which means it’s time once again for your monthly dose of album releases. There are many artists’ projects to watch for this month, and there are even a handful of live performances happening at the local venues in Nashville to be excited ...

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“Dude, what if drugs, like, didn’t exist?”

Disclaimer: You shouldn’t do drugs. Unless you’ve got a cold and you need some Nyquil or something. Then that’s ok. But weed will kill you. Immediately.  There’s no question that drugs have permeated every aspect of our culture, the music industry being no different. The use, distribution and effects of drugs have been sensationalized ...

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Concert venue review: Marathon Music Works (feat. Julian Casablancas + The Voidz)

Marathon Music Works. Julian Casablancas + The Voidz. Tuesday, Oct. 21. Enough fantastic music to make your face melt, in the best possible way. Marathon Music Works has already exposed Nashville to the alternative sounds of Animal Collective, St. Vincent, Spoon, GWAR and Yonder Mountain String Band. Located in the heart ...

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Underground vs. mainstream: Who gives a $&@#?

Photo courtesy of Swans’ Facebook Page. Recently, the trend in some musical circles is to glorify artists only because the band themselves, their mothers and a handful of other people are aware of the artists’ presence, but then to stone other artists because they “sold out” by becoming more popular. ...

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