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Your Take

Do you think social networks improve the way we communicate?

Yes, because people tend to check these social sites more than e-mail and this improves speed of communication.” Megan Witty, freshman radiology technology major To some extent, yes, but I also feel like these sites inhibit our communication with others. Instant messages are very different in comparison to real conversations ...

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What was your influence in choosing your major?

I chose radiology because I want to help people. I’ve had injuries in the past and I know what it’s like to go through that. I want to help others.” Hallie McFall, sophomore radiology tech major I had an economics teacher at the community college I went to. As a ...

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HIV/AIDS remains crisis in Black communities

Henderson Hill III, director of the African-American Center HIV/AIDS remains a crisis in Black communities throughout the U.S. The continued severity of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Black communities cannot be underestimated. Our challenge in 2011 is to stem the tide and save the lives of Black people locally, regionally, nationally ...

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How does having classes the day before Thanksgiving affect your holiday plans?

I do have class on Wednesday, but luckily I have Thanksgiving at home, which is only 20 minutes away. Normally, I would be going to Mississippi, but because of work, I actually have to stay here for Thanksgiving.” Nakita Meeks, junior public relations major It really doesn’t affect me that ...

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Should pepper spray be allowed on campus?

I would assume so; it’s personal safety. I mean, especially how many people they have getting raped around campus or on campus. It’s not like people are spraying each other for fun.” Gabe Hermes, sophomore international business major I guess. Every woman and man deserves a line of protection. Pepper ...

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