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Outrage, support pours over Wikileaks documents

Kaila Sewell | Staff Writer If you are anything like me, you’ve been hearing about this Wikileaks thing and only briefly wondered what it was all about before going on with the menial task you were performing at the time the word crossed your mind. Now that you’ve picked up ...

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Young celebrities a great influence on children

Kristin Kittell | Assistant Perspectives Editor Miley Cyrus smokes from a bong, Justin Bieber reads porn and Lady Gaga discusses her sex life via her music. Lindsay Lohan smokes crack and Demi Lovato allegedly has issues with self-mutilation. Why is this important? Because these celebrities have too much influence on ...

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Heinous acts, threats a worry for Americans

Catherine Weiss | Staff Writer A home is a place where people feel the most secure, especially when the world can be a very scary place with very scary people. When security is questioned, we must ask ourselves what kind of home we are really making for ourselves. I was ...

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Politicking prevents U.S. officials from helping people

Maybe I’ve never noticed this until recently, or maybe this is, as I suspect, a recent trend in politics; but politicians these days are not governing. Every time I turn on the news to watch the latest disappointment or conjure a new idea for another article, I view more politicking ...

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Spring break ideas that don’t break the bank

With this semester coming to a close and the prospects of next semester beginning, most seniors are realizing this is their last spring break in college. I’m suddenly aware that out of the last three spring breaks of my collegiate career, the most exciting thing to happen to me was ...

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