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What was your influence in choosing your major?

I chose radiology because I want to help people. I’ve had injuries in the past and I know what it’s like to go through that. I want to help others.” Hallie McFall, sophomore radiology tech major I had an economics teacher at the community college I went to. As a ...

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Alpha Sigma Lambda Comes to APSU

By: Alexandra M. White This spring APSU’s campus will be brightened with a new Honor Society, the Alpha Theta Psi chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda. However, this isn’t like your average honor society for college campus’s this honor society is specifically catered to non-traditional students. Non-traditional students on APSU’s campus are identified as students 25 years of ...

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How have the recent D2L issues affected your class work?

My experience has been negative. I didn’t get it set up until two weeks into school because it wouldn’t log on.” Grant Ellis, freshman undecided I have three classes that use D2L and sometimes it’s temperamental, but when it does work it’s nice to have all of my classes right ...

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Republican Smith introduces bill to redefine rape

Catherine Weiss Staff Writer Abortion is always a heated subject. With opposing sides unwilling to budge this hot issue, we find ourselves truly in the line of danger. As a college student, I rarely involve myself in politics unless absolutely necessary, and I often don’t have time to watch hours ...

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