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Smoking cause of serious health problems in newborns

Kristin Kittell | Assistant Perspectives Editor From the time of birth, we’re constantly receiving instruction. Brush your teeth after each meal and floss daily. Visit your doctor for regular check-ups and wash your hands before leaving the bathroom. By the time you’re old enough to take care of yourself, these ...

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Votes are in for campus green projects

Gregory Jones | Staff Writer The voting for proposals submitted and reviewed at the last Sustainable Campus Fee Committee meeting closed Friday, March, 18. All proposals were voted on positively and soon these projects will enter the purchasing phase. Some of the key projects and their respective costs are as ...

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APSU’s recycling efforts show little results

Gregory Jones | Staff Writer This month marks the anniversary of APSU’s “new recycling effort.” In March 2010, blue indoor recycling containers were distributed in all buildings across campus to collect paper, plastic, aluminum and cardboard waste to reduce the university’s landfill waste and disposal costs and become more environmentally ...

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Tennesseans warned state may become more like Capitol Hill

It’s not easy to define excessive partisan rhetoric in a democracy with a two-party system. But, like pornography, you know it when you hear it. Opponents are vilified. Arguments are dumbed down. There’s a notable lack of perspective. Demagoguery is doubled. Gov. Bill Haslam took note of it recently at ...

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Pro-lifer weighs in on abortion

Kristin Kittell | Assistant Perspectives Editor With legislations consistently in the works, the abortion civil war rages on. Shots are regularly fired as half the nation fights publicly funded abortions and pro-life politicians become famous for their proposal to re-title rape victims “accusers.” With reports such as these circulating at ...

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