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Spring break ideas that don’t break the bank

With this semester coming to a close and the prospects of next semester beginning, most seniors are realizing this is their last spring break in college. I’m suddenly aware that out of the last three spring breaks of my collegiate career, the most exciting thing to happen to me was ...

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Shoppers should beware of false advertisements

Marsel Gray | Staff Writer Anyone who has ever suffered from insomnia and thought watching late night television would cure it has seen those outrageous commercials promising this or that, usually for the amount of $19.95 (plus shipping and handling). Are these, and other marketing tactics, truthful? Do the businesses ...

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Thoughtful holiday gifts for less

Catherine Weiss | Staff Writer As a much needed, if not heaven-sent, Christmas break is approaching and college students find themselves in a bind as to what, if any, gifts are inexpensive but still thoughtful enough to hand out to friends and professors alike. After purchasing two new tires at ...

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Airport security changes a welcomed improvement by many

Jenelle Gewell | News Editor I am no stranger to flying. With family and friends all around the country, I am more comfortable on an airplane than I am on a school bus. Nashville Internatinal Airport began to use full body scanners, which allows passengers to get through security with ...

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Self-image issues still present around nation

Catherine Weiss | Staff Writer I wouldn’t call it jealousy when I stroll about campus seeing skinny-minnies in their teeny dresses and Ugg boots. I too, could wear short dresses and Ugg boots if I wanted to be horrifically out of fashion. These girls seem really small compared to a ...

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Right to live, die personal choice in worst case scenarios

Marsel Gray | Staff Writer Would you agree with the idea that your life and your body are your own? That all the choices are yours to make and no one else’s? But what about the decision to end your life? I’m not taking about irrational suicide, but the similar ...

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