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Earth Day great opportunity for students to get involved

Gregory Jones | Staff Writer This year, Earth Week at APSU will include a series of events for interested students. These events will engage students in environmentally beneficial activities which will help demonstrate student commitment to making the university green. I have been encouraging students to participate in Earth Week ...

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Sexual assault impacts campuses across US

Kristin Kittell | Assistant Perspectives Editor For a university, reputation is everything. If it is not capable of producing well-rounded, intelligent and socially aware individuals, it loses credibility. For this reason, I am amazed a school like Yale University would still produce students who, according to NPR, would chant the ...

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What do you think about the current advisement process?

I have only had one adviser. She’s really good, always knows what she’s talking about and keeps me on track with the classes I need.” Bethany Kavanaugh, junior secondary education major My adviser hasn’t dealt with the issue properly. It doesn’t seem like advisers are worried about the students. It’s ...

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Phishing, trolling major risks to Facebook users

Catherine Weiss | Staff Writer Facebook has become one of the most used websites in the world. With more and more people signing up for Facebook daily, it’s no surprise it has become a target for phishing, scams and hacking. For students, this means every time you log in at ...

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Student finds advising process not up to par

Kaila Sewell | Staff Writer Once again it’s time for preregistration, advising appointments and staying up at night only to find out Self-Service is running at a snail’s pace, only to find you can’t even get the classes you need because 5,000 other people need that same class, and God ...

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