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HIV/AIDS remains crisis in Black communities

Henderson Hill III, director of the African-American Center HIV/AIDS remains a crisis in Black communities throughout the U.S. The continued severity of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Black communities cannot be underestimated. Our challenge in 2011 is to stem the tide and save the lives of Black people locally, regionally, nationally ...

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Personality changes, growth a reflection of our relationships

Kristin Kittell | Assistant Perspectives Editor As someone who’s been in a relationship with the same guy for an excessively long amount of time, I’ve found the lines between the person I am now and the person I was before him are usually faded at best. It would take days ...

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Tea Party to erase slavery, ‘made up’ allegations from U.S. history books

Catherine Weiss | Staff Writer Two weeks ago, The Huffington Post (www.huffingtonpost.com) announced the intent of the Tennessee Tea Party to re-write American history. Based on a report from Hal Rounds, the spokesperson for the Tea Party coalition, our current history books contain “an awful lot of made-up criticism about, ...

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Palin talk still lingers after 2008 Presidential campaign

Kristin Kittell | Assistant Perspectives Editor The presidential election of 2008 was an exceptionally stimulating one, introducing what may be hailed as the most diverse slate of contenders the United States has ever seen. In the midst of this diversity appeared a character that, despite the loss of her running ...

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Job seeking tips to land a career worth your degree

Catherine Weiss | Staff Writer Most students attend college to earn an education to secure a career with prestige, a decent salary and medical benefits. As graduation looms closer, many soon-to-be alums are experiencing the daunting task of researching employment options and balancing the pros and cons of different networking ...

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