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Solutions for jammed parking lots

Patrick Pierce –ppierce3@my.apsu.edu Some of the biggest problems on any campus are commuting and the lack of parking. APSU is no different. It is not a secret APSU is growing, proudly referred to as Tennessee’s fastest growing university. More students means more commuters. More commuters means more cars and more ...

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Generation clueless

» Andy Wolf –awolf@my.apsu.edu Of all the things people should be aware of, world events and politics should be at the top of the list. Tensions in one country raise the price of fuel in another. Economic success and strain on one hemisphere of the globe determine what is a ...

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Candidates’ wives relate to voters

» Ronniesia reed –rreed24@my.apsu.edu When it comes to the 2012 election, there are many factors that affect people’s decision on who they will vote for. An important attribute of the president we decide to elect is the spouse standing beside him or her. The first lady does have an impact ...

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Letter to the Editor

» Kathleen Dehring It is the fall semester and my fellow students, I know that we are busy trying to acclimate to new classes and adjust to different time schedules. However, I want to take a moment to mention that at the time of my writing this, it is 63 ...

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Campaign spending a waste of resources

» Ronniesia Reed –rreed24@my.apsu.edu The 2012 presidential campaign season has been the most expensive to date. With hundreds of millions of dollars being spent, you have to wonder if all of this spending is really necessary. With all of the poverty and financial problems in America, most Americans could be ...

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Don’t get drunk on campus, get better grades

» Patrick Pierce ppierce3@my.apsu.edu As everyone should know, APSU is a dry campus; which means alcohol consumption and possession on university property is not allowed. It is not just an APSU policy, but also applies to all other Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) schools and most other schools in Tennessee. ...

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