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Ad industry promotes impossible body image

» ashlie talley – atalley2@my.apsu.edu We all know how Photoshop can transform a person from ordinary to extraordinary. We’re all outraged by the degree to which magazines and other media outlets hide the natural appearance of their models and actresses. It gives a false idea of beauty that is unachievable, ...

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Attention world: What size pants should I wear?

Healthy body beats magazine-ready one » Jenelle grewell – jgrewell@my.apsu.edu Three years ago I decided I wanted to be healthier. I got a contract with a local gym and a few personal trainer appointments to help me get started. My boyfriend at the time reacted to the news by saying,“I ...

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Half-time message lost on politicians

» AndY wolf – awolf@my.apsu.edu It has been over a week since the “Halftime in America” ad featuring Clint Eastwood aired during the Super Bowl. For those who missed it, the aging “Man of Men” reminded us of the struggles our nation has faced over the years and how we ...

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Americans disregard importance of right to peaceful protest

» Trynica daniels – tdaniels8@my.apsu.edu Rebellion as a means to reform has always been an irresistible ideal for Americans as a society, especially among the younger generations. America itself was founded on a revolution against the British, and since then the United States has had a tradition encompassing several revolts, ...

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Green campus takes student ideas

» Patrick pierce – ppierce3@my.apsu.edu It’s become evident the APSU campus is becoming more “green.” Over the course of the last few years, fixtures have been added to several bathrooms across campus to reduce the amount of water used. In fact, a number of ongoing projects have been put together ...

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APSU can cut costs, save energy with added computer measures

» Patrick Pierce – ppierce3@my.apsu.edu The advancement of technology has boomed over the course of the last several years. Technology has led us to use a computer regularly for everyday life, including typing up a paper for class, utilizing the Internet to look up valuable information, doing taxes or simply ...

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