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Celebrities give newcoming students advice on how to stay stress free and healthy during hard times in college

»Ronniesia Reed –Perspectives Editor The beginning of the school year can be the most stressful for freshmen. With moving in, starting classes, learning the campus and meeting new people on the list of to-dos, it can be difficult to balance things out. The good news is, it all gets better. ...

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STD awareness is important for all students

»Ronniesia Reed –Assistant Perspectives Editor As college students, STD awareness is becoming more and more important for many of us. There are many sexually transmitted diseases that we are unaware of, and we are unaware of the many ways we can get them. “Even grandma kissing you at Christmas might ...

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SGA: Can’t stop, won’t stop

»Faith Johnson –Guest Writer The value of our Student Government Association should not be put into question unless it is shown that the SGA is no longer beneficial to the student body. Suggesting that the SGA is no longer benefitting the student body because the legislation that it works on ...

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Jenelle says farewell to editors leaving Student Pubs

»Jenelle Grewell –Editor-In-Chief This semester, The All State is seeing a lot of good staff members graduating or moving on to bigger things. As editor-in-chief it can be hard on me not only because I am seeing valuable staff members leave but also because I am seeing people I have ...

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Catfish TV show fuels unsafe dating habits

»Ronniesia Reed –Assistant Perspectives Editor Online dating is becoming more and more popular as the years go by. With social media sites and dating websites, it is hard to resist the idea of turning to the Internet when looking for love. Although it is appealing, it can be very unsafe. ...

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Define the word, don’t let it define you

»Ronniesia Reed –Assistant Perspectives Editor The N-word has been around for many generations and has been given multiple meanings. One might view this word as being negative or positive. The main thing to remember is, it is just a word and words should never define a person, a race or ...

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