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Smoking outside of Trahern building causing a big debate

>>Chelsea Leonard Posted on the back door of the Trahern Building is the sign, “NO SMOKING HERE.” It goes on to say, however, “But since you are going to anyway THROW AWAY YOUR BUTTS (in the trash).” This notice is posted on an average building on campus, just next to ...

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Military spending cutbacks could be beneficial

>>Valerie Mccallister The U.S. prides itself on its military’s strength, size and tactics. Currently, the U.S. is not actively participating in a large ground war, and subsequently the Obama administration is suggesting military spending cuts. According to NBC News, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said, “our future force will assume ...

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Conflict prevention could decrease homicide acts

>> Chelsea Leonard 17-year-old Floridian Jordan Davis was killed outside of a gas station in Jacksonville after being asked to turn his music down. Davis was in an SUV with friends making a pit stop at a gas station, when Michael Dunn, 45, allegedly asked him to lower the volume ...

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Closets are for clothes, not people

>> Valerie Mccallister Deep in the Bible belt, many Tennesseans value religion and stand firm in their faith. With this stronghold on faith come standards and guidelines that dictate how to approach particular controversial issues. Aside from religion, however, common sense and courtesy play into approaching controversial issues. This week, ...

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Are we missing the moment when we capture it for Instagram?

»By Chelsea leonard Staff Writer From across the arena, you’ve spotted her. She’s impossible to miss, and her face is plastered on every poster, and T-shirt of thousands of screaming fans. Taylor Swift says, “Hello, Nashville,” but all you can see are the 7,000 phones raised in the air, hell-bent ...

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Initialisms are taking over the way we communicate

By Valerie Mcallister Living in a hustle-and-bustle and always-on-the go society makes for a fast-paced lifestyle. Social media and texting have hindered our ability to grammatically make correct points. Society would rather take the easy way out than take a few extra seconds to make sure a message is presentable ...

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