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Is Microsoft Office app overpriced?

>> Chelsea Leonard, staff writer Microsoft Office launched new apps that can make using office programs easier on your iPad. Apple tweeted on Thursday, April 3, “More than 12 million downloads of Word, Excel, PPT & OneNote for #iPad from the @AppStore,” thanking customers for a positive response to the ...

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Would you attend a class about Miley Cyrus?

>> Valerie Mcallister, staff writer In today’s world, celebrities are idolized for everything from fashion to popularity, and sometimes for the wrong reasons. More often than not, celebrities have different identities on camera than they do off. With the many children and teens imitating celebrities, it’s crucial for particular social ...

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Can Twiiter Be Used Against You in Court?

Recently, a California jury decided singer Courtney Love shouldn’t be held liable for a tweet directed at her former attorney Rhonda Holmes. The case is believed to be the first trial in a U.S. courtroom involving allegations of defamation on Twitter. Holmes was hired by Love to handle a fraud ...

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Is cell phone tapping necessary for our country?

We long for privacy, yet rarely receive it. We live in a nation where our government can track where we are and who we talk to; they know every detail of our lives. This lack of privacy has always been an issue and caused Americans unrest. Privacy, as citizens, was ...

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Saving is the key to success for college students

Money. We all want it. As college students, we are all sorely lacking a six-figure bank account to provide our every need or want. It is hard enough to plan out the next semester without the added pressure of having to hear loaded questions from adults 20 or more years ...

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Is the pull up test really fair for women?

By Valerie Mcallister >>Staff Writer The United States Military prides itself on possessing many characteristics, including its use of tactics, size and most importantly to its ever increasing strength. As with any country’s military force, strength is of the utmost importance. In general, large organizations hold standards individuals must reach. ...

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