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Nonlethal weapons provide protection

»Kimberly Wallace –Guest Writer Perhaps you’ve heard, or perhaps you haven’t. A Tennessee state law was recently passed that allows college students with permits to carry concealed guns in their cars on campus. However, APSU has a conflicting ban, placed by the SGA, on all types of weapons on campus. ...

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Women still have a long way to go for rights

»Ronniesia Reed –Assistant Perspectives Editor The battle for fair treatment in the workplace has been a long one for women. When it comes to jobs, women sometimes get the short end of the stick. From being judged and stereotyped to earning less money and rewards, in some cases. It just ...

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Obamacare proves Obama doesn’t care for students

»Phillip Swanson –Staff Writer Every time I turn on the TV, I hear about Obamacare. I can barely get through a television show without a commercial about it. So, I decided to buckle down and figure out exactly what is going on with the new health care deal. My only ...

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And God said, ‘Tip thy server 18 percent’

»Ronniesia Reed –Staff Writer Recently, an Applebee’s server in St. Louis posted a picture of a co-worker’s receipt on Reddit.com that said the words, “I give God 10 percent. Why do you get 18?” After posting this, the worker, Chelsea Welch, was fired from her serving position. Alois Bell was ...

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Does your professor make the grade?

»Phillip Swanson –Staff Writer “Get ready for a lot of homework; it’s 50 percent of your grade.” I heard that statement on the first day of one of my classes last semester. The course was one of my worst subjects, and I hated doing homework, as it was usually the ...

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New military medal unfair to Bronze Star recipients

»Brittany Hickey –Guest Writer Perhaps you’ve heard the hoopla over the military’s recent addition to their awards: The Distinguished Warfare Medal. The medal will be awarded to service members who fly unmanned drones in combat situations, and must achieve something “so exceptional and outstanding as to clearly set the individual ...

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