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Catfish TV show fuels unsafe dating habits

»Ronniesia Reed –Assistant Perspectives Editor Online dating is becoming more and more popular as the years go by. With social media sites and dating websites, it is hard to resist the idea of turning to the Internet when looking for love. Although it is appealing, it can be very unsafe. ...

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Define the word, don’t let it define you

»Ronniesia Reed –Assistant Perspectives Editor The N-word has been around for many generations and has been given multiple meanings. One might view this word as being negative or positive. The main thing to remember is, it is just a word and words should never define a person, a race or ...

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Students’ major should reflect interests

»Rachel Oakley –Guest Writer College students have lots of decisions to make when it comes to furthering their education. Which university to attend, whether to live on campus or commute, and the decision of taking out a loan or working through college are all huge choices the new student might ...

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Nonlethal weapons provide protection

»Kimberly Wallace –Guest Writer Perhaps you’ve heard, or perhaps you haven’t. A Tennessee state law was recently passed that allows college students with permits to carry concealed guns in their cars on campus. However, APSU has a conflicting ban, placed by the SGA, on all types of weapons on campus. ...

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Women still have a long way to go for rights

»Ronniesia Reed –Assistant Perspectives Editor The battle for fair treatment in the workplace has been a long one for women. When it comes to jobs, women sometimes get the short end of the stick. From being judged and stereotyped to earning less money and rewards, in some cases. It just ...

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