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Incarcerated Individuals offered Education

It is widely known that many college students pay their tuition with help from the government through grants. Prisoners seeking higher education should be allowed the same opportunity.   Without grant money many students wouldn’t be able to attend college. President Obama now wants to extend this favor to inmates ...

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Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation is a prevalent issue that continues to rise in Hollywood and today’s pop culture; it is an issue that needs to be stopped because it promotes white privilege and leads to misrepresentation and racism.   Author Maisha Z. Johnson explained that cultural appropriation “Refers to a particular power ...

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Grants on lock

Prisoners should be allowed the PELL Grant extension President Obama has proposed. People who are incarcerated are given very few opportunities to prepare themselves for life after prison, and a college degree is one path to assist them in not returning to a life of crime and jail.

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APSU, inc

Gov. Bill Haslam is recklessly endangering thousands of Tennessee jobs by turning over government institutions to private corporations.

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Power to the media, all forms.

Controversies over which media outlets produce better news are constant. The real fact of the matter is print, television, radio or apps can’t live without each other. Communication is key to surviving this crazy world. As our generation or “millennials” continue to grow, times continue to change. There are rumors ...

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