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We he@rd you like to subtweet


The malicious act of subtweeting influences young adults and teenagers to engage in passive aggressive behavior online, which damages relationships and increases bullying. In order to prevent problems caused by subtweeting, schools and university organizations should implement policies against one’s social media presence. Twitter has revolutionized American culture with its ...

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School roll call

APSU’s attendance policy is great for the teachers, but not for the students it applies to. Attendance is a subject not many students can agree on. Whether they believe the policy is too strict or too lax depends on many factors, although most agree APSU’s is a flawed policy. According ...

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Divided States of America

The U.S is a relatively young country theoretically established on principals of freedom, opportunity and diversity, but as of late the fear-mongers appear to be getting the best of the public and has pulled political conversations into an unproductive downard spiral. A 14-year-old boy named Ahmed Mohammed was arrested for ...

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One nation, under iPhone

Many APSU students are part of the “millennialism” trend, which is to find their own path to religion. Religion is important in society and around the world culture. In today’s world, young adults are looking at it as counterproductive and are forsaking the concept of religion and its entirety. Atheism ...

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Divided states of America

Rational conversations about race, religion, sexuality and freedom of expression are virtually impossible today without someone being offended. Real debate can't be facilitated until those with hateful rhetoric are weeded out, and while they don't make up the majority of the population, they're the ones with the loudest voices.

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Flame, Nuts, West

Novelty campaigns, like those of Deez Nuts, Kayne West and Waka Flocka Flame, have emerged out of this period of cynicism and deep distrust for elected officials.

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