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We he@rd you like to subtweet

Subtweeting prevents a mature conversation from happening between two people with a disagreement and ultimately alienates the subtweeter from the subtweetee.

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Front sighting our gun policy

Gun violence accounts for thousands of deaths in America each year, yet they continue to be easily accessible, even by people with violent histories and mental illnesses.

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Let’s talk about ISIS

By turning away Syrian refugees, the U.S. would be playing into the hands of ISIS's rhetoric of U.S. imperialism and white dominance.

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Students from various universities across the country are now confronting the prevalent racial tension on their own campuses in response to the recent uprising at the University of Missouri, where a group of football players threatened to strike the upcoming football game, causing the university president to resign.

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A tale of two costumes (part one)

Halloween brings out the worst in people when it comes to slut-shaming. Criticizing men or women for what they wear (or don't wear) on Halloween is little more than slut-shaming and bottom line, their body isn't your business.

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