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Thinning out obesity through soda tax

Obesity is a major concern worldwide, and it is time to turn this devastating health trend around, even if it means taxing the drinks that contribute to the epidemic. Obesity is defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as having a body mass index greater than 30. This ...

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Ice bucket challenges might flood your feed, but the bigger picture is positive

Since late July, social media have exploded with videos of people pouring buckets of ice water on their heads in the name of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. ALS is a progressive disease of the nervous system. Those with ALS experience a degeneration of motor neurons, the nerve cells responsible for communication ...

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White House threatens to ban selfies with Obama

>> Chelsea Leonard The Boston Red Sox’s David Ortiz lucked up with taking what may be the last presidential selfie with Obama. Ortiz snapped the shot while he visited the White House with the 2013 World Series winners. Unknown to the president, Ortiz has an endorsement deal with Samsung, the ...

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Unemployment benefits could be extended

>> Valerie Mcallister The U.S. government is in complete disarray. Many Americans remain jobless and therefore, are financially unstable. Thankfully, our government is “of the people and for the people.” Despite what some Americans believe, one of our government’s top priorities is coming to the aid of the less fortunate. ...

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Is Microsoft Office app overpriced?

>> Chelsea Leonard, staff writer Microsoft Office launched new apps that can make using office programs easier on your iPad. Apple tweeted on Thursday, April 3, “More than 12 million downloads of Word, Excel, PPT & OneNote for #iPad from the @AppStore,” thanking customers for a positive response to the ...

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Would you attend a class about Miley Cyrus?

>> Valerie Mcallister, staff writer In today’s world, celebrities are idolized for everything from fashion to popularity, and sometimes for the wrong reasons. More often than not, celebrities have different identities on camera than they do off. With the many children and teens imitating celebrities, it’s crucial for particular social ...

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