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Olympics: prejudiced coverage tears us apart

The 2016 Olympics, games aimed at unifying the nations of the world, has become a source of discrimination and dispute due to the sexist, racist and homophobic coverage surrounding the games. The Rio Olympics has seen its players set many world records and break barriers. Simone Manuel became the first ...

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Stop laughing, start listening

Poor student response to the two incidents of sexual assault on campus only discourage victims to come forward. How can we move towards a safer campus if students don't feel safe coming forward when they've been violated for fear of being mocked?

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SGA election process needs to be overhauled.

If the SGA election were less of a popularity contest and the candidates were able to broadcast their opinions for campus to see instead of a 16 minute debate, there would be more voters and students would be more interested in who was their student body president.

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