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Products designed to combat natural hair generate an industry worth upwards of $700 million, but maintaining natural hair could cost a person their job. It's a no-win situation for the black community, who until less than sixty years ago couldn't vote and are now being "let-go" under the guise of having "inappropriate" hair.

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Free Kesha

Kesha's ongoing legal battle with Dr. Luke and Sony has become a battleground for Kesha's very autonomy. While the contractual bindings are what are being challenged and sexual abuse used as an example of why Kesha no longer wishes to be legally tied to Dr. Luke, the heart of the matter lies in contract taking precedent over Kesha's well-being.

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In harm’s way

PTSD's presence on campus threatens students' well-being. APSU could do more to educate people on the causes and effects of PTSD for the benefit of the many students affected by PTSD on campus.

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And the Oscar goes to…a white person

The Oscars have received severe backlash for only nominating white actors and actresses for the second year in a row. Although one could argue race had nothing to do with the nominations, it's hard to ignore the history the Oscars has a history of primarily nominating white artists.

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The B Word

The stigma against bisexuality on television stems from a lack of knowledge in the real world.

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Our Take: Progress always wins

When there's a cause worth fighting for, people have proven they will make the sacrifices necessary for the sake of progression for everyone. Collaborative our take from editorial board members of The All State.

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