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Climate change should not be politicized

Climate change should not be a politicized issue, but a discussion that engages the scientific and educational communities. According to Pew, 67 percent of U.S. adults think that climate scientists should have a major role in policy decisions. Along the political line, less than half of conservative Republicans feel this ...

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Body positivity urges people to be comfortable in own skin

Body positivity is important – it always has been – and now after decades the status quo for “beautiful” is being broken. The 2000s have been a roller coaster, especially in the world of fashion and beauty. The fashion industry sets the standards for the clothes everyone wears and what ...

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Celebrities should use their platform to speak out

In a society that is so heavily influenced by celebrities, it is essential that they speak up about issues now more than ever. Celebrities are role models. Along with fame and fortune, they are granted a huge platform to share their opinions on certain issues with their fans, and they ...

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Professor watch list threatens freedom of speech, open discussion

Turning Point USA has created a professor watch list that names professors from schools such as Harvard University, University of Arizona and University of Memphis. The watch list is designed to name professors who “discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.” Not only is this list ...

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Do not worry about resolutions; take care of yourself

“New year, new me,” right? It seems kind of unrealistic to expect much to change overnight, but that should not discourage us from wanting to work on ourselves. As the end of the year approaches, we start promising ourselves next year we will be different and we will be better. ...

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Weed better not: Marijuana should remain criminal

Marijuana, no matter how common its use may be, should remain illegal to possess and use. The case for marijuana has been an extensive one. Most people have rather distinct feelings on the subject, saying it either should or should not be criminal. Many who believe it should be decriminalized ...

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