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Suicide in men: a ‘silent epidemic’

Women have struggled against society’s expectations for years, but they are not the only ones. Men face a similar battle, and the consequences are more dangerous than you might think. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, men commit suicide three-and-a-half times more often than women. Suicide is the ...

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We deserve better than Donald Trump

Over the course of the past year-and-a half, Donald Trump has shown his true colors: Those are misogynistic, racist, intolerant, inept and deeply problematic. The U.S. deserves a better leader than Trump. With the recent remarks implying his kissing women without their consent and how he can grab them by ...

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Hate speech is not free speech

Hate speech is not free speech, and students should not be forced to tolerate it in an educational environment. College encourages students to express themselves and to step out of their comfort zones. However, college is also meant to be a safe space, not a place for students to spew ...

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Pads, tampons should not be taxed as luxury items

If toilet paper is not a luxury, pads and tampons should not be either. People have periods for around 38 years of their lives and no control over it. Feminine hygiene products like pads and tampons are a necessity, and yet 40 states tax them as luxury items, according to Upworthy. ...

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Millennial bashing is unfair, repeats history

If millennials were even half as bad as people made them out to be, the country would be a lot different. Many people think the people behind them either do not have it as hard or are lazier than their generation. Millennials even do it, too. “We didn’t have iPads ...

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