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The 5 biggest weather related misses throughout history

*Disclaimer: This article is not intended to offend any military personnel. The purpose of this article is to show the importance of weather in military conflicts throughout history. Weather and Military Most people do not think about the weather unless it becomes life-threatening, but the military as whole considers the ...

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I Watched the Mountains Burn: An East Tennessean’s Perspective on California’s Recent Wildfires

Remembering the Appalachian Wildfires of 2016 Two major fires, Camp Fire and Woosley Fire, broke out in northern and Southern California this week have been dominating the news throughout the Veterans Day weekend as they have been causing destruction to communities. As of last night, updates are still coming in. ...

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Most Outrageous Ways People Started Wildfires

Why the countdown? Wildfires can be difficult to manage during drought or fire season, and they can become dangerous and destructive. Yet, 84% of all wildfires in the United States were ignited by humans, and fighting wildfires cost $2 billion dollars every year, according to Smithsonian Magazine. The following fires in ...

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Tornado Safety Countdown

Welcome to the first countdown of the series for the next few weeks. This one would hopefully help illustrate best designated tornado shelter. EF Scale Before I begin the countdown on biggest don’ts for tornado shelters, I will explain what tornadoes are capable of destroying at each strength. The Enhanced ...

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Hot Weather Tips

Off-Season Heatwaves One issue with hosting outdoor events such as Family Weekend and tailgating during fall is that sometimes the weather will not cooperate. That’s true with the late-season heatwave we have been experiencing lately. This could become a problem. I wanted to discuss about heat safety and warning signs ...

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The Utopian Fantasy of Twisters

In an utopian world… Tornadoes only follow these gospels Tornadoes shall follow to a trailer park as if it was attracted to it. Tornadoes shall never touch the mountains, cities, rivers, or lakes for the they are to remain pure sanctuaries free of whirlwinds. Tornadoes shall be able to be ...

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