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Education Opportunity Center recieves $1.8M grant

» By ERICKA CONLEY – econley@my.apsu.edu APSU has helped develop many resources to assist students in overcoming adversity and obstacles associated with starting college. . Entering college can be daunting, especially to non-traditional, low-income or foreign students. The Educational Opportunity Center provides help to those students fitting the criteria mentioned. ...

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Subway opens on campus, replaces Austin’s

» By ALLISON KIRK – akirk1@my.apsu.edu At 10:20 a.m., students were lined up outside the Harvill Bookstore building waiting for the doors of the new Subway to open on Thursday, Sept. 29. They counted down until the clock hit 10:30 a.m. when the doors opened. Joe Mills, director of Housing/Residential ...

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65 teams compete in 10th annual SGA sponsored Mudbowl

» By TIFFANY HALL – thall29@my.apsu.edu APSU’s campus was covered in mud on Sunday, Oct. 2. Not from the demolition of Cross, Killebrew and Rawlins, but because of the 10th annual Mudbowl. The goal is simple: beat the other team in a game of volleyball. The first team to six ...

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Biles speaks at SGA senate meeting

» By VALENCIA JOHNSON – vjohnson@my.apsu.edu Director of Public Safety Lantz Biles was asked to be the guest speaker at the SGA meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 21, to discuss campus safety. Biles said there are 25 officers on staff. Fourteen are sworn-in police officers of the State of Tennessee and ...

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Cross, Killebrew and Rawlins dormitories are scheduled for demolition starting this week

» By CHRIS COPPEDGE – ccoppedge@my.apsu.edu The process of demolishing the Cross, Killebrew and Rawlins buildings began as of Monday, Sept. 19. Three new residence halls will be constructed in their place after demolition is complete. The new buildings are scheduled to be opened and occupied by fall 2013. “The ...

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Task Force created to oversee campus diversity

» By ERICKA CONLEY – econley@my.apsu.edu & BRIAN BIGELOW – bbigelow@my.apsu.edu APSU is dedicated to educating its students not only in academics, but also in the diversity that shapes our society. APSU has created a “Diversity Task Force” to make sure that diversity is fully accepted and understood on campus. ...

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