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The Good the Bad the Netflix

“Narcos” A Must Watch

Greetings, fellow Netflix fans. This week I have a wide variety of shows and films for you to choose from. and two of them are Netflix originals. Netflix’s original content has come a long way in the past year. They are trying to compare themselves to the quality of HBO’s ...

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Wet Hot American Fall Semester

Welcome back Netflixers to the next series of The Good, The Bad, The Netflix. Each Friday I will be bringing you what’s worth watching on Netflix streaming. Be sure to check every week for the next list, and if you missed last semester’s blog you can accesses them through the ...

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Dramatic changes as seen on Netflix

As we know some actors put a lot into the characters they portray. In some cases they change their body to make the role more believable. You can tell when a good actor puts a lot into a role and gives a great performance, but when they put their body ...

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Netflix Roulette

If you have searched and still find yourself not knowing what to watch, netflixroulette.net can help you pick. The website randomizes the entire Netflix library and picks something for you. You can adjust the rating of movies that it shows and add filters like “Director’s name,” “Actor’s name” and “keyword.” I decided to give it ...

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