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The issues of dating as a college student

— Raven Brown, Staff Writer Dating is hard enough without the stresses that come with college life. But there are brave souls who attempt to balance homework, papers, studying and tests with dates and quality time with that special someone. Sometimes, it works out, and people are able to handle ...

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College dropout rates need to be reduced

–Ronniesia Reed, Perspectives Editor The importance of education is something that is stressed to most people from an early age. Many people have supportive parents and family members who push them to graduate from high school and go to college. Even with the support of loved ones, a large amount ...

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Strength and support help fight breast cancer

–Danielle Booker, Staff Writer In today’s society, many people associate the word “cancer” with a death sentence. People are working every day to change this common misconception. Advances in modern technology, as well as thousands of supporters and survivors, are working toward a cure. In fact, in recent years, perhaps ...

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Supreme court denies review of $9.5 million facebook settlement

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court has left in place the settlement of a class-action lawsuit against Facebook over a marketing program that broadcast users’ purchasing and shopping habits to their friends. The justices declined Monday to review the $9.5 million settlement of a lawsuit about the now-shuttered Beacon marketing ...

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Twitter boosts IPO target to $23-$25 per share

NEW YORK (AP) — Twitter’s initial public offering of stock is getting an enthusiastic response from prospective investors. In a reflection of the demand for Twitter’s stock, the 7-year-old short messaging service on Monday boosted the price range for the IPO to $23 and $25 per share. The San Francisco ...

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Maya Angelou accepts Mailer Center lifetime award

NEW YORK (AP) — Her body weak, her voice rich and strong, Maya Angelou sang, lectured and reminisced as she accepted a lifetime achievement award Thursday night from the Norman Mailer Center. The 85-year-old author, poet, dancer and actress was honored during a benefit gala at the New York Public ...

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