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Who am I reading?

Kelsey Timmerman comes to APSU, for its annual Peay Read. Timmerman discusses his book 'What am I Wearing?' The book focuses on clothes American's buy and where they came form, who made them and what they're made out of.

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In review: ‘Voices’ actors, musicians powerfully grasp APSU

What if, when you went to a cemetery, you could actually hear the dead? What if they could tell you their life stories, their biggest triumphs, their greatest regrets? On Friday night, Sept. 4, students heard those voices. The Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts held the play ‘Voices’ ...

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Two very different instruments put on a show

APSU professor, Kristen D, Sienkiewicz and New York composer Thomas Weaver perform a marvelous duet using a french horn and piano. Composing several pieces Weaver describes his music and what it means to him

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Student advocates for commuters

Parking is an ongoing concern at APSU, but one student has taken initiative to spread helpful information about how commuters can handle it. Trahern lot, a frequently used faculty parking lot, was lost before the fall semester began due to the construction of the new fine arts building. As a ...

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