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‘Annabelle Creation’ hosts fun plot, genuine scares

If there is any film series I never expected to find interest in, it would be the “Conjuring” cinematic universe. At first glance, I found the series to be cliché and embellished to the point of rendering their “true story” tag-line pointless. However, I unexpectedly decided to see this film, ...

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Foy Fitness and Recreation Center hosts showcase Wednesday

The Foy Fitness Center is not just a place for athletes to prep for the big game. Students from several organizations and different parts of the Clarksville community make the Foy a part of their weekly routine. With the cost of attendance at APSU comes some lesser known perks. One ...

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Kaepernick: Sometimes Silence is Louder

Kamea's Corner

Kaepernick. If you’re a football fan, you definitely know the name. Former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers; he has some of the best-selling merchandise in the National Football League (and he isn’t even signed!). He is more known now for what he did off the field rather than on ...

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Freshmen stack up at pancake dinner Saturday

On Thursday, August 24, hundreds of freshman moved into their dorms. The next day, Student Life and Engagement hosted a “Peaycake” dinner for all incoming hopefuls; in order to ease the new students into the campus community. Although the dinner was held at the Morgan University Center inside the cafeteria, ...

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Freshmen share hopes for school year in Memorial Health building Thursday

Farewells are best said surrounded by food. New freshmen and their families were able to attend a family barbecue in the Red Barn from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The dinner was one more chance for freshmen and their families to spend time together before the semester begins. Freshmen had ...

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