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Chamber singers remember Holocaust

» By LORI PERKINS – lperkins@my.apsu.edu The genocide of European civilians, especially Jews, known as the Holocaust, targeted the mentally and physically disabled, homosexuals, gypsies, Polish, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other known religions. Holocaust, means “sacrifice by fire” in Greek. From 1939-45, the Nazi’s oppressed people they felt were a threat ...

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Erics Branscome gives education speech in Library Anthenaeum

» By CONOR SCRUTON – cscruton@my.apsu.edu On Wednesday, Oct. 5, Eric Branscome, assistant professor of music and music education coordinator, gave his lecture “From Seuss to Strauss: Music and Reading in the Elementary Classroom” as part of the Library Athenaeum series. Branscome, who spent seven years teaching elementary school music, ...

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HIPSTER TREND Evolution throughout 40 years

» By TRENT SINGER – tsinger@my.apsu.edu In order to understand the origins of the hipster movement, one must look 40 years back when a generation of peace-loving people emerged from a war that incited protest, creativity and open-mindedness. In terms of today’s version of this progressive counter-culture, it’s quite apparent ...

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Students play in alternative rock band

» By SHAY GORDON – cgordon@my.apsu.edu When most college students have a goal of gaining a degree, Joshua Porche and his band mates hope to gain stardom. Porche, Alex Brunt and Joseph Witmer comprise Fight or Flight, a local alternative rock band. Porche, a computer science major, and Brunt, a ...

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