Many APSU students do not agree with or understand why the Wednesday, Nov. 24, before Thanksgiving, is not part of the break. Students feel having class on this day is not fair to the out-of-state students who may have to travel. It also poses a problem for students who parent school-age children, who may be out of school on that day.

Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) is partly the reason for the scheduling of classes. APSU can propose a change in the schedule, which is either approved or disapproved by the TBR.

The TBR policy titled “Holidays” allows the universities under its jurisdiction seven holidays and six administrative closing days.

The seven holidays are New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

According to the TBR’s policy titled “Days of Administration,” the six administrative closing days are a time off for full-time and part-time employees. Examples of those six days are “the Friday after Thanksgiving Day and those during the week of Christmas when classes are not in session.

“These days may be designated as days of administration by the President and school directors, with the approval of the Chancellor,” the policy reads.

APSU can request to have the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off as one of the six administrative days but there is a catch.

Another TBR document titled “Academic Calendars and Student Registration” sets up an outline of a semester.

The first part of the policy states TBR’s stipulations which are to facilitate enrollment, enable institutions to share resources, encourage consortia and permit greater efficiency system-wide.

For the fall semesters, “classes [must] begin the Saturday before the last Monday in August. Labor Day must be given off, [a] mid-term break must be scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of week 8 [and the] Thanksgiving Holiday is Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”

Also stated in the policy is an “institution may offer terms of alternate length in addition to the 15-week fall and spring semesters. The latest date that classes may end is Monday of week 16.”

If the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is approved as one of the six administrative days, then additional days could be added at the end of the semester, giving students fewer days during the winter break.

Students who need to take the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off, it is suggested the student talk with their professor. The decision of how to deal with absence is at the discretion of the professor. TAS