This note is in reference to the article published on February 29 entitled “Gay-Straight Alliance petition students against Chick-fil-A.” I found it an interesting article, yet I was left confused as to the purpose. The article seemed to boycott the restaurant chain due to its contribution to charity.

First of all, I have never heard of boycotting anything because they donate to charity. It seems the spirit of the boycott is sadly misunderstood, and an understanding was never sought.

The key phrase used in the article to describe the charities of issue was “discriminatory policies.” I can only speak of one of the three charities mentioned as I am a recipient of its services. Exodus International is a very highly respected charitable organization, and they, in fact, do not discriminate in any way.

Proponents of the boycott seem to completely misunderstand the purpose of this charity. When they noticed Chick-fil-A supporting them, they seemed to take an immediate and uneducated approach toward the situation. The president of the Gay-Straight Alliance mentions in the article how people have a right to do with their money as they please, and that is absolutely true.

However, members of the GSA quite frankly look foolish as they make their public declaration not to support Chick-fil-A, as well as anyone who participates. Signing this petition is simply contributing to ignorance.

The president of GSA simply misunderstands the mission of Exodus International. Their mission is simply to allow people who deal with same gender attractions a way out. Some people do not choose the way out and simply make the choice to act upon their attractions, but for those who deal with same gender attractions and do desire an alternative to homosexuality, Exodus is there to help.

Exodus is not forcing anybody to change who does not want to change, and Exodus indeed does have a viewpoint on homosexuality. Since GSA disagrees with the viewpoint of Exodus, they choose to boycott. I believe this act to be childish. If I disagree with my professor’s political ideas, does that mean I need to boycott my class? The only thing I will accomplish is a failing grade.

Likewise, the GSA’s attempt to boycott Chick-fil-A will accomplish having a few students sign a paper just for the sake of signing something. Students of APSU, chicken is delicious. Do not allow GSA to convince you otherwise. TAS