By KASANDRA LAND | Guest Writer

Twenty students and one leader are using their Spring Break to follow their dreams of being missionaries in another country. Rachel Smedley, a member of the Baptist Collegiate Ministries plans to go on the mission trip, has “a calling for working with people.”

The trip costs around $800, but the Tennessee Valley Baptist Association, running the missions, covers the first $300 for each student. Students are responsible for the rest. Most students work and save to cover the cost while others are supported by their family and friends.

The students will meet at the BCM on Saturday, March 5, and take a shuttle to Nashville International to Dallas Fort Worth International and on to the McAllen/Mission Airport in Texas. From there, they will take a bus to Upon This Rock International where they stay while commuting back and forth each day to Reynosa, Mexico.

They are not sure what work they will be doing, but have been told they will be near an orphanage and it may involve some construction work. No matter what physical work they come in contact with they will have be “working spiritually by evangelizing,” said Joshua Bunger, President of the BCM. Bunger said he can’t wait to “love on people” and is most interested in “seeing how kids are living in poverty when I’m [he’s] living in a wealthy home.” The students are excited to meet new people and make a difference. They are satisfied they are missing out on a typical Spring Break because they are making differences and helping those less fortunate.

When traveling to another country there is always a question of safety. Worship Co-Coordinator Brian Bell said the students are putting themselves at risk by crossing the Mexican border surrounded by drug, gang and prostitution related violence. Bell said he has faith they wouldn’t be sent “somewhere that would be harmful.” The students will always stay in a group while in Mexico and will have supervisors experienced in the area, along with translators to help with the language barrier.

The students ask for support in everyone’s prayers and thoughts. They also need finical help. Home cooked meals can be purchased for $2 at the Noonday Lunch every Wednesday from 11 a.m-1p.m. All the money goes towards missions during Spring Break and the summer, such as light messengers which effects Tennessee, U.S. and international areas. For more information visit the BCM on campus or their website