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Spread caution this Halloween

This is Halloween! This is Halloween! It is that time of the year again: the time of year when you carve pumpkins and empty their guts on the plastic bags beside you. This is the time of year where all great things are made, like candy corn and pumpkin spice ...

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Life is not supposed to be this hard

When you stop looking for reasons why the world is against you, sunrises become the most beautiful part of life. College is stressful; no one in their right mind is going to disagree with you, but the biggest thing about success is taking the stress one stride at time. You ...

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The Adventure of Living

I was one of the lucky ones when it came to college; I had the ability to lay down my plan for next five years. The secret behind my five year plan is it changed twenty times before I even stepped foot into my first college class. Life is not ...

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Living for you!

Whether you are a freshmen or a senior, 18 or 36, single or married with three kids, college is a crazy and overwhelming place to say the least! You sit in a classroom for hours a week and listen to lessons you are unable to understand, yet you have mastered ...

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How to survive an emergency on your own!

Emergency Preparation

It’s dark and the campus is dull and quiet. You walk out of your class and the air smells of smoke; your small class of 25 are all alone! The apocalypse happens and you are stranded; what do you do, and where do you go? Okay, this is Austin Peay, ...

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