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Review: ‘Perfect Blue’ brings intricate characters, setting to genre full of stereotypes

A testament to a director’s work is their ability to not only capture your attention as the story begins but leave you transfixed long after it has finished. Any movie can shock you while you are watching it, but it is the lasting effects it leaves on its viewers that ...

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Review: Aronofsky returns to his film roots in “Mother!”

I remember when the reviews of director Darren Aronofsky’s last film “Noah” came out, the main complaint was the lack of direction outside of his comfort zone. He is a director whose work is infamous for being emotional, often mind-twisting powerhouses, so his previous film was seen as a downgrade ...

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Gay-Straight Alliance plans for new semester, bonds LGBTQ community

Outside the door of MUC 312 lay a sign reading “Gay Straight Alliance.” Balloons and several pride flags for numerous sexual orientations and gender identities invited passing students to join them. On Wednesday, Sep. 6 at 6 p.m. in MUC 312, the GSA held its first meeting of the year. ...

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‘Annabelle Creation’ hosts fun plot, genuine scares

If there is any film series I never expected to find interest in, it would be the “Conjuring” cinematic universe. At first glance, I found the series to be cliché and embellished to the point of rendering their “true story” tag-line pointless. However, I unexpectedly decided to see this film, ...

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