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Ivy MacDaniel

I am a sophomore who’s majoring in physics with mathematics minor. I love weather, especially thunderstorms and tornadoes. My hobbies are chess, drawing, and outdoor activities. I am a trained storm spotter.

Weather related reasons school should close: When is it right to cancel?

Last Wednesday, Montgomery County Schools decided to close at the last minute after we got more snow than originally expected. That was after they planned a two-hour delay, and I came across some news stories from Nashville news outlets about several parents from all over Middle Tennessee being upset at ...

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What brought people into weather in the first place?

After discussing AMS Conference, some of you may wonder, “What got those people into weather in the first place?” “What made those people bust their butts in thermodynamics, differential equations and coding classes?” “Are those people a little crazy?” (Some of you would probably say the same for physics and ...

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Reflection on AMS 99th Annual Conference Part 3: Purposes of Conference

After covering last summer’s project, misadventures and fun experiences, what was the point of presenting the whole summer as a poster in the conference? That was one way students and scientists in that field shared knowledge to other students and professionals. As scientists, we do research on our subject, collect ...

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Reflection on AMS 99th Annual Conference Part 1: Meteorology in military

I wanted to shift from my usual topics in my articles to discuss and reflect on American Meteorology Society’s (AMS) 99th Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ.  As part of my REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) project at National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma last summer, I was able to attend ...

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Disasters and Social Issues: Poverty

Poverty and Disasters In the United States, the Census Bureau estimates that 12.3% of the population are in poverty in 2017, according to the Center of Poverty Research, University of California, Davis.  Talk Poverty showed that the South and Ohio Valley have the highest poverty rate in 2018, and Nevada ...

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