» By PATRICK ARMSTRONG – parmstrong@my.apsu.edu

Campus Police is currently without an assistant director after Captain Charlie Struckel was terminated over the summer. Struckel was issued a termination notice on July 8 from Mitch Robinson, vice president of Finance and Administration, which stated Struckel’s two most resent performance evaluations listed several areas of minimally acceptable or needs improvement — leadership, achieves objectives and quality of work.

Struckel’s last performance evaluation — from Lantz Biles, director of Public Safety — stated he missed deadlines on assigned tasks. There were also delays in his leave time reporting and “not achieving objectives in a timely manner continues to be an area of concern from Charlie’s last evaluation.”

Biles asked Struckel on May 9 to redraft numbers on employee performance evaluations by May 12. Reminder emails were sent on May 12, 17, 20 and June 6.

In another example, Biles asked Struckel to answer several parking related questions. Reminders were sent on April 29, May 17 and June 6. The questions were answered on June 8, 31 days after the request.

Robinson said in the termination letter, “(Struckel) continually miss[ed] assigned deadlines and there is absolutely no indication that this behavior will improve.”

The last date of his employment was July 8, but will be paid until Aug. 8 per his contract he signed on Nov. 26, 2007. It was not necessary for him to serve out the notice period.

Struckel was hired as a security guard 2 on Nov. 8, 2004 and took the assistant director position on Dec. 1, 2007.

Struckel is one of the three — Leonard Fultcher and Susan Milton — suing APSU for subsequent retaliation, retaliatory harassment and hostile work environment.

Struckel testified against Biles in December 2008 confirming he did witness sexual harassment and discrimination from the chief. Shortly after, Struckel claims he was subjected to threatening, reprimanding, harassment, abnormal and other adverse conditions.

Struckel requests compensatory damages, court and attorney fees, anything the court may deem proper and a jury.

Biles was suspended without pay from Nov. 15 until Dec. 14, by President Timothy Hall based on recommendations from an appointed Grievance Panel from the University Grievance Committee, according to a memo. TAS