» Corey Circello


With the new freshmen and returning students walking around campus, heading to classes and meeting with friends, they have more than likely passed the red “Ask Me” tents. These tents feature helpers handing out directions, answers to questions and free water. For Theresa Everett, it is a fun way to meet students and help them out when they are lost.

“It should go just a little bit longer, because two days just doesn’t seem like enough,” Everett said about the tents. “The students like them here and they are very helpful and beneficial.”

The “Ask Me” tents are a collaboration of many offices on campus. It is run by Student Affairs, as well as Academic Affairs, Business Affairs and Student Publications.

While many students use the free water as a way to beat the heat, the volunteers get a lot of questions, as well. “The tents are in the open, so students don’t have to go in an unfamiliar building to ask questions,” said Sherryl Byrd, vice-president of Student Affairs. “Our five locations make it really easy for the students to find us.”

The “Ask Me” tents are designed so students are free to ask almost any question and get answers without fear of embarrassment.

“It’s an opportunity for students to see a face on campus that they can recognize and feel safe asking questions to,” said Lois Briones, administrative assistant for Enrollment and Academic Support. “It is just great to help out the new and returning students on campus.”