Graphic designer Beth Rates Photo by Hannah Thompson |The All State

Austin Peay’s very own graphic designer Beth Rates, was chosen to have her own art premiered with NBA team Chicago Bulls, highlighting International Women’s Month.

“I tell my friends all the time I get to wake up, go to work and create art. What more can I ask for? If you would have told the 5 year old kid that was drawing day in and day out that she would be doing this I know she would be proud,” said Rates.

Rates said she remembered being a five year old kid loving to draw and create every chance she had. Freshman year of high school it was unanimous that she was going to become a graphic designer.

“I honestly did not think I would get selected but the little kid in me was super anxious and excited so I had to give it a shot,” said Rates.

Beth submitted her portfolio to the Bulls and stated that within a week the graphic designer was calling her with the exciting news. She was in shock but said that it felt amazing.

“I do think the outcome can help advance my career. I do believe only good can come from this,” said Rates.