Assistant News Editor

The APSU Student Government Association (SGA) is looking for applicants to be nominated by APSU to fill the annually vacated student regent position on the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR).

The student regent gives voice to the concerns and priorities of students in TBR schools.

The student regent is the only voting, student member of the TBR and has a say in tuition increases, curriculum changes and any other TBR decisions that might affect students, said Greg Singleton, Dean of Students.

The position lasts for one academic year. Any member of the student body enrolled full-time at APSU is eligible for the position.

“We are going through the process to pick a student who we feel will represent APSU well, as well as TBR,” said Kenny Kennedy, SGA president.

“Students interested will contact me and express their interest and we will move forward by having them apply and interviewing for the position,” Kennedy said.

APSU’s nominee for the position will be selected by the SGA, which intends to select a nominee by the first week of March, Singleton said.

The final nominee must be approved by president Timothy Hall.

The successful candidate, Singleton said, would have a “working knowledge of TBR policies” and the “expectations and challenges facing Tennessee students.” The nominee also must be a Tennessee resident.

Leadership experience is also an important factor in the decision.

On Sunday, March 26, the nominees from each school will be interviewed by the TBR Student Presidents Council, which includes SGA presidents from all the TBR schools.

From those interviews, three candidates will be chosen, one from a university, one from a community college and a third from any state school.

The three finalists will then be interviewed a final time and the new student regent will be selected by Governor Bill Haslam.

Every public university and community college in Tennessee has the right to nominate a student for the position each year, though not all of them choose to, Singleton said.

“APSU has not been represented as the student regent in four years,” Kennedy said. “Typically they rotate between universities so every university has a representative.”

APSU’s last student regent, Matt Harris, served on the TBR during the 2007-2008 school year. Harris graduated in Spring 2008.

The current student regent is Casey McCullum, a Speech and Theatre major from MTSU. TAS