By Cidnie Sydney-Brewington | Staff Writer

Alpha Gamma Delta had four representatives from their international headquarters give their formal charter presentation Monday, Feb. 21. Alpha Gamma Delta is the first of four sororities to make extension bids on the APSU campus. The 45-minute presentation outlined the sorority’s purpose, goals and development plan if chosen.

“We are a values based organization centered around our purpose,” said Hilary Zimmerman, International Extension Specialist. “We find out how women want to impact the world and help them do that. Our vision statement is to ‘Inspire the woman. Impact the world.’”

If chosen, Alpha Gamma Delta will form a colony, a trial period for the sorority. The colonization period, for this sorority is called the “Alpha Experience” and is eight weeks in duration. During the eight weeks, the women will form a sisterhood, build leadership skills and learn the history of the sorority.

After the eight weeks, the colony is installed, meaning the colony becomes an official chapter and the members become initiates.

Once initiated, the “Gamma Experience” is next. The members in this level focus on living the purpose of the sorority through a series of programming geared specifically to the girls involved. They also have a focus area, the awareness, research and prevention of diabetes. “We don’t just do one event. Our goal is to ‘defeat diabetes one step at a time,’” said Rie Gerah Hoehner, international vice president of Panhellenic Affairs.

The next and last step for an Alpha Gamma Delta sorority member is the “Delta Experience.” “The Delta Experience is the scientific symbol for change,” said Stephanie Sack Bailey, executive director. “And this level is for seniors who are experiencing the change from college to the real world.” There will be programming to help these women with the transition.

Once all four sororities have given their formal presentations, APSU’s extension committee will select one sorority out of the four to colonize in the fall.

“Those [extension committee] leaders will vote on which sorority to choose. They will gather feedback and discuss the presentations,” said Alexandra White, Panhellenic Council president.

“We will keep expanding,” White said, “the plan is to have a colonization timeline so we can say in 2014 [for example] we will colonize such-and-such sorority.”

Alpha Chi Omega will present their formal proposal Wednesday, Feb. 23, followed by Kappa Delta Friday, Feb. 25 and Alpha Omicron Pi Wednesday, March 2.