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The Gay Straight Alliance would like to thank The All State and APSU for their work toward creating a diverse, safe and welcoming campus for all students. We also appreciate the opportunity to respond to Joseph Johnson’s letter in an issue of The All State. Jess and I understand the ...

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Degree Compass course software demystified

» STAFF REPORT The Degree Compass software, formerly known as the Course Recommendation system, is APSU’s newest resource to help students gather information about what classes they should take. Degree Compass is used to help make course selection less of a maze and more of a path to keep students ...

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Degree Compass software gains notoriety, expands APSU course recommendation software nominated for IMF global award, expands to 3 more Tennessee colleges

» By BRITTANY WESTER-bwester2@my.apsu.edu Students need a little help deciding what courses to take, so all students are assigned advisers. However, because advisers are assigned several students, some students may not receive the best help possible concerning the proper courses to take. To assist students who need a little extra ...

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Sports Perspective: Goodell defends purity of NFL

» By TRENT SINGER – tsinger@my.apsu.edu As the NFL concluded investigations of the New Orleans Saints’ alleged bounty scandal, commissioner Roger Goodell was forced to ensure bounties would end once and for all. The commissioner handed out unprecedented suspensions and fines, suspending former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams indefinitely, head coach ...

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The Roxy Regional Theatre entertains Clarksville for a century

» By CONOR SCRUTON – cscruton@my.apsu.edu I’ve traveled to quite a few new places for this column, as well as some more well-known, but I couldn’t call myself a true Clarksvillian if I didn’t make at least one trip to the Roxy. The Roxy Regional Theatre is located at 100 ...

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A soldier’s best friend Hounds 2 Heroes dog provides companionship, healing for APSU student, Army veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder

» By TIFFANY COMER – tcomer@my.apsu.edu Post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious affliction which causes flashbacks, stress, anxiety and nightmares. More and more of our American soldiers, such as local Jim Smith, are suffering from this affliction every day, and there does not seem to be much help offered to ...

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