Multiple organizations battle homelessness in Clarksville

» By MORGAN SMITH – Organizations in Clarksville such as The Salvation Army and Lighthouse Ministries’ Safe Harbor are spreading hope among the homeless for the holidays. According to statistics provided by the Old Firehouse Day Shelter, there are 300-500 homeless in Clarksville. There are also an estimated 2,000 vagrants, those who move from […]

STARS: Marian Perron shares stories about a family tradition of nontraditional students

» By TRENT SINGER – There is one common message among each nontraditional college student. “It’s never too late,” said Marian Perron, a part-time nontraditional student and full-time employee at APSU. Perron is a personnel assistant in Human Resources and vice president of the Non-Traditional Student Society. Perron said she has not faced any […]

40 years of ‘training leaders’ ROTC celebrated milestone anniversary with ceremony

» STAFF REPORT The ROTC celebrated its 40th anniversary on Thursday, Dec. 1, with a ceremony in the Memorial Health gymnasium. The program has been awarded the MacArthur Award, which is given to the best ROTC program in the nation, five times during its 40-years. APSU has commissioned approximately 650 officers into the active-duty force, […]

THERE’S NOT JUST CHRISTMAS Many different religions celebrate the holidays their own way

» By RAVEN JACKSON – As the end of the year draws near, it is hard not to see the red, green and gold lights hung around the city. These lights and many other decorations such as pine trees and mistletoes represent Christmas. But not everyone celebrates this holiday, at least not in the […]