Positive, negative environmental changes give APSU new appeal

The new millennium brought along a wave of changes concerning politics, education, technology and everything in between.

One of the major changes seen during the last decade has been regarding the environment and the proposed initiative of leading “greener” lives.

While Americans make an effort towards a cleaner and more beautiful world, The All State’s editorial board members discussed some of the positive and negative environmental changes they have noticed here at APSU.

A reform towards a more environmentally friendly campus has been slow in gaining momentum, however, the majority of TAS’s editorial board members agree that positive change has certainly taken place.

While new students may not immediately be aware of the transformation our campus has undertaken, those who have attended APSU over a number of years can undoubtedly tell the difference.

The overall appearance of the APSU campus has been rejuvenated and tremendous emphasis has been placed on aesthetics. The task of beautifying has been approached in a successful manner, in turn, helping the university economically, as well as adding much needed appeal in order to attract future prospects.

The milestone APSU has achieved with the enrollment of more than 10,000 students may, in many ways, be a product of the school’s charm. In spite of this, the growth of students also constitutes greater measures to maintain the progress made so far.

Many of us fear the positive changes, which have taken place during the last few years, may be reaching a plateau, and a reversal in the process may be in APSU’s future.

Some of these negative aspects are already visible in remote areas around the school grounds.

Overflowing trash bins, inconveniently placed recycling containers and the neglect of various sections of campus, including the vicinities behind the Foy Fitness and Recreation Center and behind the football field, seem to point to a negative trend we can all do without.

In addition, the likelihood of APSU cutting its budget in the near future could pose a major setback to the green initiative the university has adopted.

Not only will the effort to preserve an environmentally conscious faculty and student body be diminished, but the effects of higher demand by the increase in students will make a tremendous negative impact as well.

As a response to the possible damaging consequences APSU faces, at TAS, we believe the good work that has been done can continue as long as everyone takes a part in helping.

Some previous initiatives have done well in helping the cause in the past, as one editorial board member states, “buying a thermo in exchange for cheaper coffee and drinks should be better advertised.”

In the end, environmental changes occurring around campus affect us all in numerous ways.

Although our actions may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, we are the ones who can truly make a change at APSU for the better.

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