This week in ridiculous: from ‘The Bachelor’ to Russia’s Olympic disappointment

Jess Nobert | Senior Writer

Like most of us right before spring break, the past week has been just as busy. The Winter Olympics, “The Bachelor” and the beer bet across the border are a few of the highlights of this week.

The first story I came across as ridiculous is one most everyone will appreciate. You’ve probably heard the song “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon. And like everyone else whose head it got stuck in, I’m sure you’ve always wondered who the song is about?

According to the story on, “The man’s first name is David,” she told CNNRadio, “but it could be one of many Davids.”

The story went on to tell of which David is supposed to be the one who is so vain, but Simon’s agent has said it is not record executive David Geffen, who was in charge of Simon’s record label at the time. The ridiculous part, as Simon said no matter who it is, she is still amused the song is so perplexing and is still leaving people curious after almost 40 years. As she told in 2002, “It amuses me that I’m still being asked.”

As of press time Monday, March 1, the season finale of “The Bachelor” had yet to air. But in reality, it doesn’t matter which one he picked. The rumor going around before the show was he might choose no one, according to a USA Today story.

I’ve never been much of one for cheesy matchmaking shows, so naturally, I’ve never actually watched “The Bachelor.” Isn’t the point for him to meet a girl, fall in love and live happily ever after?

So far, that hasn’t really been the case for many of the couples, except for Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney, who just got married over the weekend. I only know this because of the story on

The ridiculousness of this story is whether he will give out a rose at all. Isn’t that the whole point of the show? For him to find “love” and give her the last rose and live happily ever after only to break up six weeks later and end up on the cover of Star magazine?

No matter what happens, I’m sure it will be fine. Fans will talk about it for a few weeks, then get back to the rest of the world.

Speaking of the world, remember how for the last two weeks, nothing has been on NBC other than those sports? Well, apparently, since Russia didn’t do so hot, the president is calling for some people to quit their jobs over it.

Though he didn’t mention any names, “Russia President Dmitry Medvedev demanded Monday that sports officials step down over the country’s dismal performance at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver,” according to’s Vancouver 2010 Web site.

In televised comments, Medvedev said if those responsible for preparing the athletes don’t resign, then the decision will be made for them.

The article went on to say Russia has never finished out of the top five in medal standings until now. And as for the Soviets from 1956 to 1988, they were on top all but twice.

“Several Russian politicians have called for Vitaly Mutko, who was appointed sports minister in May 2008, to step down,” according to the article.

We all know the Russians didn’t do so hot in hockey either, but since the gold medal game was between the U.S. and Canada, the leaders of the two nations placed a friendly bet on the contest.

President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper bet a case of beer on the game. Obviously, Obama lost the bet, like I did with my Canadian friends.

According to the AP,

“White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said President Barack Obama had a case of Yuengling riding on the game.”

Harper wagered 24 bottles of Molson. The beer battle pitted Canada’s oldest brewery against the oldest beer maker in the United States.

There was no word on where the cross-border exchange would occur. Though I didn’t bet a case of beer — that would be insane since it’s so expensive in Sweden — we did bet if the U.S. won, in honor of the other Jack Johnson, the Canadians would make banana pancakes. But since they were the victors, I had to sing “O Canada” when their team got their gold medals.


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