By TRENT SINGER | Guest Writer

Nearly a month old, 0° Celsius could become a second home for many APSU students. The new Fro-Yo Ice Lounge is located on University Avenue next to Hookah and offers a wide variety of cold treats to help cool that summer heat.

As you enter the frozen yogurt lounge, the open floor plan acquaints you with a peaceful atmosphere.

There are several comfortable sofas and armchairs to the right, as well as round bar tables and bar chairs to relax and hang out for a bit.

In the back, the frozen yogurt experience begins by grabbing a bowl of your choice and dispensing it from the six various yogurt flavors available: california tart, orange valencia, espresso, triple chocolate, pomegranate energy and birthday cake.

Various toppings can be added to your yogurt, including brownie fudge bites, Heath Bar, Butterfinger, cookies & cream, graham cracker, Sour Patch Kids, peanuts, a wide variety of fresh fruits and many more. When it comes time to pay, however, be careful. Too much yogurt could result in an expensive habit because these portions are priced by weight ($.44/ounce).

“[The yogurt] is really addicting,” said junior Chris Morgan, “but I have yet to experience any withdrawals.” Regardless, one cannot deny the quality of yogurt that is savored with each bite.

“We use a premium syrup mix,” said co-owner Deven Shah, “Most of the places around town use a powdered mix.” Shah and his cousin, Kunal, started this business with the intent of giving the APSU community another place for students to relax and refresh. “Austin Peay’s growing,” Shah said, “This is where we were born and raised so we just wanted to bring the big city life here.”

However, frozen yogurt is not the only that 0° Celsius has to offer. They also sell smoothies in up to nine different flavors, milkshakes and bubble tea.

The variety, environment and quality are three important factors that have given 0° Celsius a quick rise in popularity in the business’ brief history. “We have people who come back every day,” said co-owner Riddhi Shah, “maybe even twice a day.”

0° Celsius can only benefit from the changing of the seasons. As spring turns to summer, it is great to know there is a yogurt shop in which we can
find refuge from inevitable heat. TAS